Web Development


    Control Panel & Privileges
    All Windows Reseller Accounts come with Plesk 10.x control panel. This means you will be able to manage key functions of your account such as add domain, set up hosting , manage resources by yourself.

    Programming Languages
    ASP.Net 4.0
    PHP 5.x

    MS Access
    MSSQL 2008 with web based control panel
    MYSQL with web based control panel

    Databases specifications here
    What is your database usage and limits policy ?
    Running queries which takes longer than 15 seconds are prohibited.
    Mysql databases can be managed using php my admin available in the hosting control panels. Remote accessing of
    MySql database using local applications or programs is not allowed.
    MS Sql database can be managed using web based control panel. Remote accessing of Mssql database is allowed only
    for static ip provided by the customer. Dynamic Ips cannot be allowed access to remote MSSQL database. The number
   of static ip allowed to access remote sql is maximum 2. Remote sql access is allowed only thro MSSQL studio and cannot
   be used by another local application. Accounts that are found to be abusing this term will be suspended / terminated
    MSSQL access via programs is allowed only for IPs within our network. Programs cannot access databases outside our
    Database space is included along with the hosting account space. But to make sure that no single database monopolizes
    database server resource, any single database cannot be more than 100 Mb in space in shared / reseller hosting accounts.
    A single website can have only one database. Databases can be created only for sites that are hosted with us. Sites that
   have databases which exceed such a limit will be offered with higher level package where in they can upgrade and keep
    using it. The customer has to either upgrade the account or cut down the usage in database.

    ISS Special & Advanced Features
    .NET PDF Component
    Ajax Support
    Search Engine Optimization Toolkit
    URL Rewrite - Search Engine Friendly URL Rewrite
    Web Deploy
    DNS Management for Google Apps
    Arrow Shield with Depth-in-Defense involves defense in multiple layers like OS Level Hardening, Server Application
    Level Hardening, Network Level Hardening, Encryption and Higher Strength Authentication, Maintain and Monitor Security
    Preset environment for major shared third party payment gateway providers

    Third Party Apps
    You can install range of third party applications in your domain in a single click. Some of the available apps include;
    WebCalendar and many more

    Email, Anti-virus & Anti-Spam
    POP3 / SMTP
    Webmail access
    On access and On demand virus scanning
    High end DNS level spam protection

    ISS -Support
    Video cHAT

    Technical Detailshnical Details
    Windows 2008
    IIS 7.0
    MSSQL 2008
    MYSQL 5.x
    PHP 5.x
    .Net framework 4.0
    Ajax Toolkit
    cdo message
    Web stats
    Access logs
    Arrow Shield Protection
    Complete key resource usage stats such as space, bandwidth etc.
    Dedicated application pool

    ISS is the only hosting company which offers completely brand-able account. Branding is possible in the following ways;
    1. Your own packages, own positioning, own pricing
    2. Personal DNS
    3. Plesk Branding
    4. Domain Control Panel Branding
    5. Automated Service Engine & iFIX Branding

    Available Addonsailable Addons
    Dedicated IP Address
    Thawte SSL Certificates
    HDFC Payment Gateway Hosting Integration
    ICICI Payment Gateway Hosting Integration